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Sunagoke sheet

Features of Sunagoke

  • Sunagoke Unlike other moss, prefer a place sunny, dry, hot weather, it is very strong breed in cold
  • Sunagoke whereas air dried, and transpiration of water in the body, to protect the life and become a state of suspended animation
  • Sunagoke has no root, it will grow moisture by absorbing from the surface of the leaf
  • By rain or dew, absorbs moisture in the body, to return from the state of suspended animation, and then restart the growth by directing the sunlight

Moss in the dry state

Moss in a state in which resumed devoted to sunlight to give the water

  • Sunagoke holds about 20 times the water of its own weight, by temperature rises, the retained moisture were transpiration to the atmosphere, to lower the temperature (watering effect of such things)
  • Sunagoke will also grow in the foundation of inorganic unnecessary soil
  • Sunagoke can immobilization of CO2
  • Colorful gradient you can enjoy.
  • The strongly to dry, and strong to be cold to heat.
  • Sunlight and dew, I grew up in rainwater.
    (Absorbs about 20 times its own weight of water, and can be held)
  • Drying is not withered be followed.
    (Even run out of water, it is possible to sustain life in suspended animation)

Source:View flyer (pdf file)

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