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Furnace installation, fire-resistant construction

We will do the repair work of the furnace installation, fire-resistant construction and furnace

Industrial furnaces and incinerators, to equipment which is operated at high temperature under high temperature, such as boiler duct, for the purpose of increasing the combustion efficiency along with it to protect the equipment from fire it is necessary to fireproof furnace installation work.

Garbage incinerator in our company, in a wide range of fields such as construction furnace, and use the material corresponding to the needs of our customers with advanced technology and cultivated rich experience in many years, construction, repair, efficient and refractory in maintenance, furnace installation work me is doing.

Our old furnace technology will contribute to reducing global warming prevention and waste.

Construction lineup

  • Industrial furnace design and construction
  • Brick construction
  • Stone construction

Aluminum melting furnace


Forging furnace

Various old furnace, fire-resistant construction