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Evergreen Kirinsou


Tottori Fujita No. 2 registration number 15867
Tottori Fujita No. 1 registration number 15866
left: traditional Kirinsou
right: evergreen Kirinsou

This is the scientific name (Crassulaceae Kirinsou genus Kirinsou) succulent that is attached from that very strong as as Benkei name. Conventional Kirinsou winter period in the plant that grows naturally in such rocks dry of Japan around the mountains and the coast will deciduous. Evergreen Kirinsou performs breeding, is a new breed that has improved to such keep the full year. with a thin layer of soil about the place in it if 3cm ~ 5cm rainwater hits, it is possible to grow even at growth temperature -30 degrees to + 40 degrees and Japan what conditions. "Evergreen Kirinsou" is a seedling registered variety (plant patent).

The point here!!

  • Hybrid photosynthesis
  • CO2 fixation in lignification
  • Lightweight 40kg / m2
  • Growth temperature -30 to + 40 degrees
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong in wet dry

The problems of the rooftop greening "evergreen Kirinsou bag system" is solved

■ evergreen Kirinsou bag system

The evergreen Kirinsou dedicated soil were placed in a bag, is "soil flow-proof," "weed Measures" new greening method that achieves a "simple greening" is evergreen Kirinsou bag method (FTM bag).
Standard in 50cm angle, load of square meter is for 40kg and is lightweight, has been used in various places. The wall greening and greening of the folded plate roof, It will use the size of 20cm × 100cm. Bag, because it does not have a type, you can order the mating dimensions on the scene.

■ It's OK only in watering unnecessary rainwater

Evergreen Kirinsou, the method of photosynthesis (C3 type) that common plants do open the pores in the wet state, combined method of photosynthesis (CAM type) that plants such as cactus is done to close the pores in the environment in the dry state hybrid plants of order to change, strongly to both wet and dry, stems to secure a large amount of CO2 compared such as lawn in that lignification. Maintenance will have worked as hard place and environmental greening.

■ It prevents the invasion of weeds

Weed measures will be cited as major problem of greening.
If soil is out on the surface it does not prevent weed invasion.
Bag scheme, these problems were resolved, contributed significantly to the reduction of maintenance, has been adopted in the factory and civil engineering constructs for which you want to reduce the management.

■ fastener system

Seedling Put working with zipper system is now much easier. When you put the seedling is wide open, after you have put in to become the size of the stem (minimum), weed prevention, it has a function as a soil erosion prevention.

■  It prevents the outflow of soil

In the conventional greening, have to worry about soil erosion, especially in recent guerrilla heavy rain making it the big problem. Clog the drain port in soil erosion, and also leads to the cause of the leak.