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Greening businesses such as roof, walls, garden, parking lot

Understanding of the generation and movement and absorption of CO2 on a global scale, I propose a "new greening" as a prediction and Countermeasures of global warming.

Greening business research and development

From late 20th century, "global warming" was been a big problem. This is a big problem that has caused so much to pursue the convenience of living human beings. One of the causes of the "global warming", reducing the emissions of CO2 Let's say that urgent issues to be most tackle us now. But the longer warming only speak reluctant efforts referred to as "to reduce emissions" does not take a halt. That is cited as one of "green roof".

Effect on the "green roof" is "global warming" prevention as well, brings the noise reduction effect many other effects due to absorption of durability enhancing effect and traffic noise of the building by ultraviolet cutoff. At present some municipalities required to greening of the area corresponding to the 20% of the roof area for over a certain size of new buildings, also newly If you worked on greening such as roof, local governments subsidize part of the construction costs for existing buildings we are also support such as. In the future by the development of environmental laws, and is expected to obligation of rooftop greening advances on a nationwide scale.

Yagiman Co. contribution to everyone in the region, with the aim of eventually global environment improvement, cultivated in Ro-zai department "development capabilities," taking advantage of the "mobility", "imagination", will work on research and development of roof greening business.

Development and research of moss base material

Lightweight and can be applied to a variety of building does not take the burden to the building, heat insulation effect excellent addition to permeability and water retention is also high, we recommend the development of flies easy foundation material of moss. By greening the roof, etc. of the building by using the moss, mitigation of heat island phenomenon, with the aim of eventually contribute to global environmental improvement.